Small Group Lessons: Small Group lessons are hour-long sessions shared by up to 4 individuals who have the opportunity to experience all Pilates equipment. By limiting the class to 4 students, close attention can be paid to each individual to make sure the exercises are challenging and done properly. You may or may not work with the same individuals each week, and we will try to pair up people with similar fitness levels and experience.

Cost: $40/ (drop in rate) per person

Package: $375/10 sessions per person



Duets Lesson: Duet lessons are semi-private, hour-long sessions shared by 2 individuals with coaching specific to each person’s fitness and/or rehabilitation goals. This is a great option if you have a friend, co-worker or loved one who is interested in doing sessions with you*. 

Cost: $55/session per person

Package: $500/10 sessions per person

*Note: If your duet partner cancels or cannot make it, your lesson will be cancelled unless there is someone at the studio 

to take the partner’s place or the remaining individual opts for a private lesson.



Private Pilates Lesson: Private lessons are an hour of individualized, one-on-one instruction with coaching specific to your body’s fitness and/or rehabilitation needs. With undivided attention to a student’s specific needs, private lessons are the best way to produce optimum results. 

Cost: $100/session

Package: $450/5 sessions


New Client Policy: In order to optimize the success of your Pilates journey, all new clients will need to begin learning Pilates with a series of private sessions.  This is important in setting up the foundation for Pilates work.  While we require at least 1 private session of new clients, we recommend 1-3 private lessons before joining duet or small group sessions.  These private lessons are geared toward building a foundation for success by introducing you to Pilates terminology, methodology and equipment, as well as allowing the instructor to get to know your body’s movement.  Following these sessions, we will discuss how you would like to move forward with your training: private lessons, duet lessons, small group lessons or a combination of all three.


All lesson times are by appointment and made by calling our studio at 619-546-0554 or emailing